Sarah Jessica Parker calls working with Jeff Bridges ‘incredible’

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Carrie Bradshaw and Big Lebowski’s “The Dude,” walk into a bar…

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges reprised their iconic roles for a good cause. Just in time for the Super Bowl, Stella Artois’ and (co-founded by Matt Damon) called upon the famous faces to rally America to “Pour it Forward,” in efforts of helping the global water crisis.

AOL recently caught up with SJP, where she dished on what it was like working with the Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement winner and the feeling of getting back into the shoes of Ms. Bradshaw.

“It was incredible. It was amazing. I mean I really couldn’t believe he was going to do it but of course he’s a man that spent a huge amount of his grown up life doing good work. Not just on screen but you know the man that he chooses to be — the philanthropic person who is involved, committed and engaged,” she said. “It made great sense to me that he said yes to this. It was the days leading up to his very special Golden Globe award, so that was nice and he’s just an extraordinary actor. I’m one of the thousands of actors who he has inspired and delivered these extraordinary memorable performances that we all look up to and recall. He’s a profoundly decent person and a kind man and a funny person. We really enjoyed ourselves, it was an absolute pleasure.”