A look back at the best celebrity Kate Spade style moments

Originally published on AOL.com

The iconic American designer known for her colorful handbags, Kate Spade passed away Tuesday, June 5. 

The 55-year-old New Yorker brought a preppy and innocent perspective into New York street style. Spade has left an astounding mark on not only the fashion industry but is also responsible for dressing some of the worlds most famous females. While she walked away from her namesake label back in 2006, she went on to launch the luxury footwear brand called Frances Valentine.

From Kate and Pippa Middleton constantly wearing her easy-breezy printed dresses to Taylor Swift and Leighton Meester accessorizing with a Kate Spade purse, her most memorable designs date back to the early ’90s.

Spade received an award for America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories from the CFDA in 1996 and went on to win it again in 1998. In 2017, she was not only welcomed into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at the University of Missouri, but she also was named one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company.

Check out the gallery below to see how some of our favorite fashion moments featuring Kate Spade.

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