NYFW: Dennis Basso celebrates 35 years with glamorous runway show

Originally published on AOL.com

Anyone that has been in business for 35 years is obviously a master of their work — especially in an industry where everything is constantly changing. Today, Dennis Basso celebrated 35 years of his namesake fashion label with a glamorous runway show held at the St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan.

The seventy-look collection featured everything from embroidered shirts to wide-leg crepe pants and an array of dresses that were turned up a notch thanks to holographic fabrics. Furs and gowns (what Basso is known best for) stole the show. The fur hoodies, embellished red carpet dresses and dramatic mink coats that hit the floor represented every woman’s dream closet.

We caught up with the fashion veteran pre-show to discuss everything from how fashion has changed since he first started his career to what’s coming next for the brand.

You’ve been in business for 35 years and in the fashion world that’s considered a lifetime, how have you seen fashion change the most since you opened your business?

I think it has evolved. Today, women are more experimental. They are wearing things that they might not have worn a few years ago. What you wore in the evening was only for the evening, what you wore in the day was only for the day, and now we’re taking a little bit of day and a little bit of evening and mixing it all up together. The modern woman has changed, it’s just amazing! 35 years doesn’t seem like a long time if you’ve lived it, but it is a long time. We’ve changed and I think people are having more fun with fashion.

What was your inspiration for creating your 35th-year anniversary collection?

The inspiration for this collection was the women that I’ve dressed over the past 35 years. I took some of those best looks over the years and developed them. I brought them forward into what the modern women today want. It was great going into the archives and developing. This was my first real step into ready-to-wear, daywear and sportswear. This is my version of what casual wear is.

Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

That’s like saying which is your favorite child because everything has a meaning. There’s a magnificent coat that Hilary Rhoda is wearing. It’s a combination of different colors done in a geometric pattern. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

From an affordable line with QVC to fragrances and bridal, what’s next for the Dennis Basso brand?

I think we are really going to go further and try to create a brand with price points that are a little more popular. We have the collection on QVC which is very well-priced. Maybe something in the middle between QVC and where we are today. I think that’s an evolution that can come forward.

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